Into The Wilderness: “Provision” - Ken Coneby

Into The Wilderness: “Provision” - Ken Coneby

When people live in fear and anxiety, we hoard at the cost of our neighbor. But it doesn’t just hurt them, it hurts us.

Show notes

As a result of a complete breakdown of technology, today’s sermon comes to you from the chapel and not from the worship center, and likewise today’s podcast was recorded on a phone propped up on some hymnals near one of the speakers. We hope you will forgive the quality.

In this message, Ken throws away his notes and starts from the beginning when it comes to taking on what God says about provision. And that means boiling it down to its simplest form: taking only what you need for the day, because your heart is changed when you don’t have faith that the Lord means what he says when he promises to provide.

Exodus 16



Ken Coneby

Ken Coneby

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